Keďže okrem 2 prváckych tried na ZŠ Mlynská a 2 na ZŠ s VJM budú ostatné triedy prvákov (až 13 tried prvákov) na ZŠ Kysucká, škola hľadá 10 učiteľov, 7 vychovávateľov a 3 pedagogických asistentov. Viac informácií:…/zs-kysucka-14-v-senci-prijme…EDIT: na Mlynskej sa otvoria nakoniec 3 triedy a na Kysuckej bude 7 kmeňových prváckych a 5 elokovaných z Tajovského.



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    Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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    1) You are actively moving the goalposts here. Knock that off.2-3) Your evidence of multi-million deals is a multi-million deal that is not happening. I don’t believe that is how evidence works.4) Even if he does not get out of the NLI — different than NIL, to be clear — he can transfer. And he clearly will. This ship has sailed.Agree with you here Ham. The contracts even in professional sports have performance escalators. I’m sure NIL market would dictate the same thing. Debate with Doug is him saying offers didn’t exist – they do. Please read article I linked.The hardship is these carrots weren’t supposed to be in play. NIL deals aren’t supposed to influence recruits but they do.Question now is will the player be released from his letter of intent? This will be a big disruption if the NIL can just pull back but the LoI is stuck.

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